Memberships allow for voting rights, access to programs and discounted hall rentals. Membership is open to anyone and is valid for one year. Non-residents may buy an Associate Membership. Only Southview residents are eligible to vote at meetings.

Annual Southview Community Memberships:
  • Individual Annual Membership
    • $10.00
    • One (1) person that lives in Southview Community
  • Family Annual Membership
    • $15.00
    • Two (2) Adult members that live in the same residence in Southview Community 
  • Southview Senior Annual Membership
    • $5.00
    • One (1) person over 65 years old that lives in Southview Community
  • Association Membership
    • $15
    • One (1) person that lives outside of Southview Community
    • No voting rights 

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Please note: You must show your valid membership card to vote at the Annual General Meetings. New memberships must be valid for 30 days in order to be eligible to vote. Associate members do not have voting rights.